Plastic Extrusion Process

The Plastic Extrusion Process

Plastic extrusion is the process that is used to create plastic products with a constant cross-section – that means something long and tube-like rather than a singular piece that can be created in a mould. The resulting items can be used for a diverse range of purposes across an enormous range of industries – for example, curtain rails, straws and all kinds of plastic piping are manufactured through plastic extrusion. To find out more about this process with Mojak Plastics Melbourne, take a look at the information below.

The Three Essential Components Required for Plastic Extrusion

Any type of plastic extrusion requires a plastic extrusion machine. Not all machines are created equal – they come in a range of sizes, capabilities and throughput levels. However, the essential components are the same, as is the general process:

1. First, the raw material – small hard beads of plastic that are designed to melt quickly – is fed into the hopper, which is located at the top of the machine.

2. The raw plastic enters the barrel of the extruder, which is like the “belly” of the machine in which materials are melted and blended.

3. The screw is located at the rear of the barrel, and forces the melted resin resulting from the raw material forward into the barrel.

4. The resin is then pushed through a screen which removes contaminants.

5. Once this has been achieved, the resin is moved forward into the die.

There are a range of plastics that can be used in the extrusion process, each offering its own particular qualities and capabilities. To view a list of the plastics that Mojak can work with, click here.

In the end, the die is the key part of the plastic extrusion process – it shapes the plastic and allows it to flow evenly when it’s in its molten state so that the resulting extrusion is consistent in shape and texture. The final shape is referred to as a “profile”. These dies must often be custom-made to suit specific requirements, and this is the area of extrusion in which Mojak specialises and excels – the production of extruded plastic profiles designed to suit exact client requirements.

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