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Mojak Plastics is a manufacturer of high-density polyethylene spiral wrap that’s designed for heavy duty hydraulic protection in a wide range of industrial applications. Mojak’s spiral wrap is intended for use in applications requiring the protection of electrical cables and hydraulic hoses, as well as air and gas lines.

At Mojak Plastics, our hydraulic protection wrap is supplied in black. Custom colours are available on request. Alternative packing options are available, and our range can also be supplied in a number of different spool formats and bulk octobins.


The excellent durability of this wrap provides enhanced impact and abrasion resistance, safeguarding the integrity of contents. Mojak’s spiral wrap has excellent chemical resistance, good UV stability, a long fatigue life, and the ability to withstand high and low temperature extremes.

There are two versions available: a standard product line, plus a FRAS range of products designed specifically for applications requiring flame retardant anti-static properties. Mojak FRAS wrap combines excellent conductive properties with a self-extinguishing V0 flammability rating.

HDPE Spiral Wrap datasheet


When you require heavy duty spiral wrap for hydraulic protection, you can rely on the experts at Mojak Plastics to provide the best products available. Call us now on (03) 9462 1025 or contact us online.

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