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Mojak Plastics – Custom Extrusion Profiles in Melbourne

Mojak Plastics started in Perth in 1989 as a plastic extrusion operation catering primarily for the wire-harness industry. In its infancy, the company manufactured mainly flexible PVC extrusions for sleeving which found its way into the automotive, electronic and industrial sectors.

Over time, business developed strongly in the Eastern states and in 1999 we opened up a second manufacturing facility in Melbourne to better support demand. Early in 2001, a decision was made to consolidate the entire extrusion profile manufacturing operation in Melbourne, where it is still based today. In 2022, due to ongoing growth, we decided to open an additional manufacturing facility in Coolum Beach, Queensland. This factory is designed to further support our Queensland customer base, especially with regard to the supply of corrugated conduits to support the Solar farm/Domestic Solar industry.

Adapting to the Market – Extrusion Profiles for a Wide Range of Industries

With the large volume wire-harness business in Australia moving gradually offshore, it was recognised that the company needed to expand and diversify its product range in order to survive as a manufacturer. This meant placing more focus on its functions as a custom plastic extruder, and over the past 15 years the business has continued to grow by utilising its extrusion capabilities to create custom profiles across a broad range of applications and industries.

At the heart of the operation are the corrugator production lines which produce – 24 hours a day – a variety of flexible corrugated conduits, all bespoke manufactured according to the requirements of the customer. There is an additional bank of extrusion lines, also running 24 hours, which are dedicated to the production of flexible and rigid smooth tubing, plus flexible and rigid extrusion profiles.

Mojak Plastics Today – Specialist Custom Plastic Extruders

Today, the company has hundreds of products, many of them custom-made for a specific application. New product development is an area of expertise within Mojak. Working closely with its customers to ensure their needs are comprehensively understood, Mojak participates as a development partner with the aim of making smooth transition from concept to manufacture of extrusion profiles.

Examples of the customisation we have provided for past clients include applications such as: Flashing profiles for construction installations, UV resistant corrugated tubing for Solar Farm installations, co-extruded linear light guides for safety products, customised polyethylene tubing for groundwater sampling, polyurethane mining screen profiles, and stair nose PVC extrusion profiles for architectural products – just to name a few.

Plastic products in any material – rigid or flexible, tubing or profiles – can be developed and manufactured by Mojak Plastics, custom plastic extruders. Every development is approached with enthusiasm, since it is recognised as further opportunity for the company to diversify. In addition, the manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring that all our products meet rigorous quality standards.

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