Extrusion & Co-extrusion Profiles


‘Plastic extrusion profiles’ is the term that describes the products we manufacture out of plastics for customers across a huge range of industries. These products are produced via our extrusion process, in which molten plastic is pushed through a die. The resulting shape is known as a “profile” because it has a continuous profile when seen in cross-section. This describes anything that’s long and cylindrical, such as a pipe, or various other shapes, such as a curtain railing.

At Mojak plastics, we produce extrusion profiles out of a wide variety of plastics, from PVC profiles to thermoplastic polyurethane. We can also combine different types of plastics to create co-extruded profiles. We specialise in customisation and have worked closely with clients from a variety of industries to manufacture profiles for huge range of specific requirements.

What We Offer

Mojak Plastics has a massive capability in terms of materials, shapes and sizes. Where we excel is taking the concept from our customers and turning it into reality. We offer a development service where we co-ordinate the design and manufacture of the tooling, perform the necessary die trials, and provide our customer with an approved product. We pride ourselves on efficient and experienced project management, and enjoy working in close co-operation with our customers.

Current profiles manufactured encompass a broad mix of applications such as automotive, mining, energy storage, and extrusions used in the building and construction fields. They are also available in a range of plastics, from flexible and rigid plastic profiles from polyurethane and polycarbonate through to TPE’s, allowing us to meet every extrusion requirement.

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