LS0H Rigid Conduit

LS0H Rigid Conduit

LS0H Rigid Conduit is an Australian manufactured, corrugated polyamide tubing designed for flexible protection in a wide range of applications requiring halogen-free self-extinguishing characteristics, coupled with low smoke/low toxicity properties. This formulation is designed to significantly reduce the amount of toxic gas emitted during combustion. During a fire, Apex LS0H Rigid Conduit is superior to PVC alternatives, as it reduces the volume, density and toxicity of the smoke. This ensures better visibility for evacuation and fire-fighting purposes, plus a reduced risk of inhalation injury.

LSOH electrical conduit is typically used in enclosed spaces such as tunnels, lift shafts and railway carriages, but is being increasingly used in Green Building applications where the use of halogenated products is prohibited.

Every LSOH electrical conduit product Mojak Plastics offers has excellent chemical resistance to automotive oils, fluids and solvents. Apex LS0H Rigid Conduit is extremely tough and durable, with a high impact strength and long fatigue life. Custom colours and packaging are available on request. Apex LS0H Rigid Conduit sizing is also compatible with a wide range of connector systems.

Tested and compliant to all required IEC Standards: Flame propagation IEC 61386, Compression strength IEC 61386, Smoke Density IEC 61034, Halogen content IEC 60754.

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