Poly Tubing


Mojak Plastics is one of the leading poly tubing suppliers in Australia, able to provide smooth poly tubing for a variety of industries.

We use the majority of the polyethylene family, including LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE and HDPE. Depending on the type of polyethylene used, poly tubing can be semi-flexible or rigid, making it a versatile, lightweight and economical tubing option. It also demonstrates excellent chemical resistance, high impact strength at low temperatures, good durability, and superior stress cracking resistance.


Our poly tubing is designed for a wide variety of applications, including fluid transfer hoses, groundwater sampling tubing, chemical transfer, low pressure air lines, and food and beverage hoses. Mojak Poly Tubing is manufactured using food contact approved polyethylenes and is also odourless, ensuring it will not impart taste.

There is a standard range of sizes available for our poly tubing, but new sizes can be introduced as required by the application. In its natural form, poly tubing is translucent white in colour, but as a leading poly tubing supplier, we’re able to provide custom colours are available on request. Packaging options are also flexible and can be customer defined.

The tables below represent the most common standard sizes, but this tubing can be custom made from 1mm i.d. up to 60mm i.d. Mojak Poly Tubing is also available in a bonded format, where two or three different sizes are joined by a thin, easy-tear membrane, suitable for use in applications that require different sizes in close proximity.

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