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HDPE Solar Conduit

The Mojak Plastics HDPE solar conduit range of products has been developed specifically for use in solar farms. This HDPE solar conduit is an enhanced UV stabilised product made to contain and protect electrical wires that constitute high exposure outdoor applications, typical of a solar farm installation. The formulation contains a specific fine particle/high dispersion carbon black added at optimum levels to extend the life of the polymer in these harsh UV environments. It is a well-documented formulation that has been proven effective over a long period of time.

Different polymers have varying resistance to UV attack, and some are inherently better than others. All require modification to achieve optimal UV resistance. HDPE, when modified with a suitable carbon black, has been proven over a long period of time to be effective.

Our HDPE solar conduit and split loom tubing range has been formulated with an optimum level of carbon black to perform its intended purpose when used in high exposure outdoor industrial and infrastructure applications, when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Through this time period, inspection and maintenance of the HDPE solar split tubing should be expected due to unpredictable environmental conditions and localised weather phenomena, including but not limited to geographic latitude, hours of exposure, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pollution, chemical attack, biological attack, saltwater exposure and mechanical abrasion.

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